The Lighter Side of the Justamere

With summer coming it’s hard to ignore all the commercials, ads, magazines and haunting voices in my head telling me to “Get in Shape”,  “Get Bathing suit ready”, or that “Doritos are not a food group!” The pressure can be overwhelming any time of year, but especially when warm weather starts to creep in, and the need to show my upper arms is looming somewhere in mid June.

Now, if you are anything like me, then your food pyramid looks something like this…

Slide1Hopefully you are nothing like me… because if you are then I’m afraid we’re all on the fast track to obesity and liver failure… but I’m confident that it’s not too late to turn it around! After all, it was a very  long winter and I think we all suffered the consequences of that. Perhaps we all had too many nights infront of the fire with our cats, a bottle of wine and a sheet pan of taco dip?

Whatever your reason for eating healthy… whether it be to tone up for summer, or continue with your normal routine, eating healthy doesn’t mean missing out. You can still go to your favourite restaurant with your friends and grab something delicious that makes you feel good about yourself!


Now, the Justamere prides itself in making fresh food always, and while it’s all mostly good for you (there’s nothing we can do about bacon and hollandaise sauce), I wanted to outline some lighter choices for those of you (like myself), who are trying to be a little more food conscious as we near the season of shorts and skirts… So come with me now as we take a tour through “The Lighter Side of the Justamere!”

1. Soup du Jour: Very few of our fresh soups contain any heavy creams or fattening agents that tend to turn a nice cup of healthiness into the equivalent of a hot milkshake. Many are even vegetarian and vegan! So more often than not, and especially if you’re in need for something quick, our soup du jour is a great option!

2. Greek Salad: One of my favourite go-to’s for a healthy lunch! This salad is chock full of peppers, red onions, cucumber, tomato, artichokes, and olives – plus a healthy 2 ounce portion of feta make’s it delicious and creamy without making it too heavy!


3. Fishcakes: Breakfast, lunch or dinner, fishcakes are a great option! Consisting of haddock, lobster, potato, and onions, there’s really nothing unhealthy about this choice! Having it with a nice garden salad, or a side greek will be the best decision you’ve ever had!


4. Thai Peanut Stir-fry: There is no possible way that I can accurately portray the love that I have for this dish… but I will try. Think of a time when you’ve been on a diet for like 3 hours and then you reward your hard work and deprivation with a family size bag of Doritos? Well, our stir fry will make you feel as good as that reward tastes, but without the guilt! Mind you it’s not our healthiest option, but with a bowl full of fresh veggies being the main component – it’s not too darn bad! The thai peanut sauce is simple but delicious and gives some added protein! If you’re being extra calorie conscious you may want to opt out of the fried won tons on top… but they’re just so darn good! Definitely my new favourite!

5. Panfried Haddock: Available for both lunch and dinner, this option make a great healthy choice. It is a rare day when I’m not absolutely smothering my fish in our homemade tar tar sauce… but if I can manage to resist the urge then this is a great choice for me!

6. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: I’m brining it back to breakfast, but this one speaks for itself. Vanilla yogurt and fresh cut fruit sprinkled with a granola mix. Healthy and delicious, a great way to start any morning.


7. Portobello Melt: Sometimes you just want a sandwich. Sometimes you just want a hot, delicious meal that needs two pieces of bread to hold in all of its awesomeness. In the restaurant world a healthy sandwich can sometimes be hard to find… but you need look no further. The Justamere’s Portobello melt with marinaded portobello mushrooms, peppers and onions, mixed greens, swiss cheese and a roasted red pepper spread makes this sandwich a light in the dark sandwich world of questionably healthy breads, spreads and meats.


So there you have it – a few of our healthier options at the Justamere Cafe. While it’s really hard to go wrong when most of our dishes are made from scratch, it’s still important to us to keep you informed about your choices at the restaurant. We often say that we have “something for everyone”, and healthier options are no exception! Whether you feel like catering to a craving with a Chipotle Burger, sweet potato fries and a chocolate milkshake, or if you’re sticking to the lighter side of the Justamere and getting a Greek salad with shrimp, you won’t be disappointed! So there’s no need to restrict yourself and miss out on your next lunch date, or dinner out with your family – Try one of these options next time you’re in and who knows, maybe you’ll even find some new favourites!

Not Everyone Can be a Justamere Server – A poetic appreciation


The Justamere Cafe Waitstaff Appreciate Poem!

Not everyone can be a Justamere server,

I know this much is true…

It takes a certain kind of person

To do what they can do.

So bare with me a moment

While their talents I will list

Their expertise is extensive

And without them we don’t exist

Firstly is their hustle

They just go and go and go

Breakfast, lunch and dinner…

The hardest working staff I know

Second is their humor

They are funny and absurd

My hardest day can go away

With just a silly word

Next is their demeanor

An air of grace and poise

They have a special temperament

That everyone enjoys

Fourth comes their affection

For customers and crew

You’re sure to feel so special

If they are serving you

Now it’s time to talk patience

Of this they have no lack

A taxing patron may induce a scream

But still, they will hold back

Lastly are their smiles

Which everyone must confess

Are so real and make me feel

Like they always do their best

You can’t convince me otherwise

I just will not relent

Our Jmere servers are top notch

The best money I ever spent!


An Evening of Bluegrass at the Justamere Cafe


It’s hard to compete with a setting sun, but Crowdis Bridge did it. With summer creeping around the corner, a 7pm dinner show at the Justamere Cafe still welcomed lots of sunlight into the open dining room. The tables were set, the candles were lit, and the band had already sound checked with the help of a 5 year old dining room guest belting “twinkle, twinkle”, testing the range of the acoustics.

The room filled at 7 on the dot. Few came early when the doors opened… no one needed time to settle, Crowdis Bridge settled us on their own.



Althought the night wasn’t rushed, the music that erupted shortly after seven sent the wait staff into a blue grass state that pushed everyone to tap their feet and fill their glasses. Although the kitchen wasn’t able to hear the amazing music pushing it’s way through the double doors, they nonetheless moved to the beat of the dining room. The bread and appetizers came out shortly after the show began. Fresh baked onion-poppy seed bread, spring rolls and asian salad filled the room.


I must say, there is great music playing in the dining room all day long, everyday. Eileen has created a fantastic play list for the run of the mill dining room listening… but you become listless to the playlist… and I just don’t hear it anymore. But Crowdis Bridge stopped me in my tracks. I tried to wipe the stupid grin off my face a few times, but it’s hard to when you’re proud of the party that you and your friends threw.


After a few more songs came the main course. Glasses were polished and refilled and the kitchen was ready with entrees. Chef Mark Curry, Sous chef Jordan Mahoney and Dwayne Burke sent out a dining room full of Pork tenderloins, Pan Fried Haddocks and Vegetarian options in mere minutes. It went exactly like we thought it would, like we hoped it would, like we put the time into making sure it would…


 During intermission the band mingled with the crowd. They sat with guests, chatted and shared drinks with fans. What more could you want?

The final set was accompanied by fresh coffee and tea and of course our famous coconut cream pie. Thank goodness that’s what we served, or people may have refused it – even though everyone was stuffed, no one could say no to coconut cream pie. Just ask Bernice Macdonald…


Ryan Macmillan and Chelsey Pellerin gave fantastic service and Eileen and I couldn’t be more proud. Because of their hard work we were even able to sit down and enjoy a drink after Mark had packed up the kitchen and sent his team home. Isn’t that the sign of good team work and hard efforts? When those in charge can actually sit down and enjoy the show themselves?


We’re so proud of the evening and can’t wait to put on more events! We’re two for two in the Justamere Dining Room Series and we hope to continue all summer and into the fall with musical guests. Stayed tuned.

Food and music compliment each other so well, and we are extremely proud to be able to bring you both. It takes hard work on all ends, but when you get to experience a successful night like we did on Saturday it makes it all worthwhile. Nothing felt better than sitting down for a beer with friends and listening to those last few songs from Crowdis Bridge. The night wound to a close, guests put their coats on, while we all sat back and appreciated the hum of a happy dining room. How sweet that music was.