Onsie Clothesline

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog, and it’s been weighing heavily on my mind. I’ve started many and abandoned most, finding that a blog cannot be built solely on topics such as: “Summer’s Over”, “My Desk Hasn’t Broken Yet” or “What I Watched on TV This Weekend”…

But, if there is ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all that can bring me out of my writing slump, it most definitely is Miss Carrie Cogswell and her soon to be born bundle of baby. (Alliteration, Hizzah!! – back at this writing thing full force!)

carrie's belly!

As I’ve stated in previous blogs, everyone who works at the Justamere Cafe becomes quite close… we spend a lot of stressful times together and relationships tend to grow strong and fast! You can only imagine then how attached we were to Carrie by the time she found out she was pregnant (over a year after she began working with us!) Right from the beginning then there was NO question that this wouldn’t just be Carrie and Tyler’s baby, this would be a Justamere Baby!


Now there’s a lot of legality involved with taking claim of someone else’s baby… so instead of starting that whole process, Eileen and I decided to throw ourselves into the task of hosting a baby shower for Carrie! There’s no sweeter little mama we know than Carrie, and no one more deserving of a celebration!

babyshower scene

All things PINK! Oh, and Partymix!! Babies love Partymix!

The party was a hit! There was tons of food, lots of presents, and.. ONE GAME! That’s right everyone… Eileen and I managed to come up with ONE game to play after 1 month of planning… and it was the classiest of baby shower games I might add….

Ryan diaper

 Yes, that’s correct… the name of the game is “Guess That Poop!” and the objective was to mush a chocolate bar into a diaper and have the guests guess the brand of chocolate bar. I regret this game… I immediately regretted this game. It’s quite graphic. There are so many photos I can’t post on here. So many things I’ll never be able to un-see. I will never… NEVER eat a Wonderbar again.

The gifts were a hit, lots of diapers and necessities, but top gift has to have been from K.Ship from the kitchen staff! She bought Carrie the cutest little pair of Nike sneakers!


So there you have it! The story of Carrie’s baby shower and if there’s one thing you should all take away from this blog it’s that having a Justamere Cafe baby is the best type of baby to have. Carrie may be on maternity leave, but we are in no way done with her. She’s now got a whole slew of professional cooks at her disposal ready to puree all the pancakes and bruschetta that little baby can handle, plus a team of servers ready to wait on her little girl hand and foot! That baby will never want for anything, least of which is a strong and capable mother. We couldn’t be more proud of Carrie, and while a baby shower is a great way to gather, eat, and open presents… it is best for welcoming family!