My favorite part of the summer days in Nova Scotia has nothing to do with daylight at all. Rather, it’s that small window of time between getting off work and when my favorite TV shows start in the evening. It’s that 3 or 4 hours where the sounds of children playing in their back yards and the smell of BBQ’s combine to create what summer feels like. To me it’s not about the hot days, it’s about the luke warm nights. It isn’t about the beaches, although I love them, it’s about the patio weather.

There’s something special about relaxing on the patio of a restaurant. At no other time of year or day, is it acceptable for me to sit out and get bitten by black flies or to have my food cool quickly in the evening breeze. But if you put me on that patio between clocking out at work, and when Jeopardy begins, then I’m content to be eaten alive by bugs while my fishcakes cool to the temperature of my Greek salad.

The drinks taste colder and the view can’t be beaten. Seeing the sunset over the town while people bustle to get their groceries for the evening just makes you feel like you’re doing something right. Like you’ve got this summer thing figured out. Sipping a Caesar on the patio of the Justamere Café and Bistro just sounds so good I can already taste it.

Dining on the patio is the epitome of stopping to smell the roses, except in our case you’re stopping to smell the sweet coconut curry aroma from your fresh mussels.  Everything is slowed down and your can let your workday slip away. There are no clocks outside, only the setting sun to alert you to when Jeopardy is starting, and only your Goosebumps to tell you when it’s time to go inside.

After two long work weeks, which included a successful Grad weekend and Mother’s Day, those at the Justamere Cafe who sign the pay cheques decided it was time for a little celebration of the staff party sort! Considering that the restaurant was closed on Monday for Victoria Day, Sunday night seemed like the perfect opportunity to gather for a potluck and some stress relief! While some people like to go for walks to relax, take a bath, or get a massage, those at the Justamere prefer their stress relief to come in the form of food, drinks and dancing. So while the night began with the intention of feasting, it soon turned into a good old fashion kitchen party with lots of dancing!

Quite the spread!

The night began with a kitchen FULL of food – everything from potato casserole, rice salad, nacho dip, spinach dip, bruschetta, mini donairs, mini pulled pork sliders, bacon wrapped figs, cake, and chocolate covered bacon (which sadly didn’t make an appearance, because we all reached a point where food was no longer priority…)!

Mmm, No Justamere Staff party is complete without a bowl of meat!!

Some days I eat Vegan… and then some days I stand by the sink and eat from a giant bowl of meat with a fork.

The ladies were dressed their best, and the men looked equally as sharp! We all managed to stay relatively clean too, considering the smorgasbord  of food covering all free counter space in the kitchen! There were some new faces and some old faces (Hi Emily!) and even a dog (Hi Caper!)

It never seemed to matter that there were at least 3 other rooms we could have hung out in, we always stuck to the kitchen… close to the food and close to the music.

Around mid-night the sing-a-long and dance party began! There were renditions of the Spice Girls, and other 90?s classics, but the favourite was definitely when the whole staff belted out Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and The Darkness’ I Believe in a Thing Called Love! Some of us can sing well, and some of us cannot (I belong to the latter group), but when you’re crammed into a room with 12+ people, no one seems to care what anyone sounds like. It only matters that everyone is singing the same song.

There came a point in the night where everyone thought it was time that Steph put her money where her mouth is, and to show off some of those dance moves that she had been bragging about for days… Thus began the dance party! Steph didn’t disappoint…

Go Steph! Go Steph! Go! Go! Go Steph!

But Mark soon swooped in to show her how it’s really done…

…And that’s basically all I’m legally allowed to show you. Take my word for it though, the night was fantastic! Some stress was relieved and we all became a little closer… especially after those jello shots and leg wrestling matches!

The Justamere Cafe and Bistro is happy to introduce you all to our newest waitress, Sheena MacIsaac! Just two weeks in and she’s already part of the J-mere family! So I thought the blog would be a good place to let you wonderful people, get to know our wonderful people – and what a better place to start than with our newest addition! So here’s a little impromptu survey I sprang on Sheena at the end of her shift today!

  1. Favourite Food?: Cheese! (Who knew?… This is so informative!)
  2. Favourite Movie?: Shawshank Redemption and The Hangover
  3. Favourite TV Show?: Four Weddings… and, wait for it.. SWAMP PEOPLE… (The more you know? Am I right?)
  4. Relationship Status?: Engaged! (That’s right boys, you can stop planning Sheena’s dream date involving a cheese platter and a Swamp People marathon!)
  5. Craziest thing she’s ever done?: Skydiving
  6. Pet Peeves?: When a customer sits at a dirty table when there are many clean ones available (I couldn’t agree more! There could be a restaurant full of clean tables and there’s always that person that will head straight for the table covered in maple syrup and jam! Blarg! Aggravation!)
  7. Why do you like working at the Justamere?: “The people are so nice, I feel like I’m part of the family, and I’m proud to serve the food” (I didn’t even tell her to say that!)

Sheena MacIsaac and the heart shaped potato!

Sheena MacIsaac and the heart shaped potato!

Wow! Don’t you all feel like you’ve just eavesdropped on a girls slumber party! Giggles and secrets and cheese!! What more could you want to know? So why don’t you head down to the Justamere ASAP and meet Sheena for yourself. She’d be delighted to serve you… just make sure you order something with cheese in it!