After my recovery from a long and exhausting cold, which extended my vacation past the point of necessity to a dark place of guilt and Quality Street chocolates, I’ve come out the other side! Hurrah! Sunlight, unblocked nasal passages, good night sleeps, and the job and people I love to spend my days with!


As has become my tradition, sometime around New Years Eve (going on 4 years now), I get sick…. And then I stay sick… for weeks…. and weeks. Then Eileen, being so patient, gives me MORE time off than the week and a half the Justamere Closes… and I stay home and sleep… and wallow in illness. During those dark days, Netflix and all the leftover Christmas treats and I have a show down. It gets weird… if you’ve got the time to dig deep enough you can find some strange stuff on Netflix… and the same goes for left over Christmas candy… once the good ones are gone, there are some crazy things that they can make sugar into….


Now I’m back though, rested rarin’ to go and ready to fill this Blog Dry Spell! So here it is, that time of year again, that time where I blatantly lie about how I’ll behave this year…

My 2nd annual Mid-January Resolutions!


1.  I won’t be jealous of Instagram

Social media is a tricky thing… it connects us, it invites us to things, it tells us who is pregnant, it always knows when my friends birthdays are… it sounds like a good thing, but sometimes it’s not. At the Justamere we use it to connect to customers, to show them what we can offer. We show you yummy food and hope that it sparks your interest and appetite enough for you to come visit us… which I think is fair. We show pictures of something you might want and then we can get it for you… we’re happy, you’re happy! BUT, social media gets bad when people start focusing on the things they want, but can’t have. I don’t know how many times I’ve been on Facebook and Instagram looking at what other people have – vacations, relationships, children, houses, cars, pets, etc. and feel a little bit worse about my life because I don’t have something that Suzy “Bikini Wearing-Hawaiian Vacation having- Cute Dog Owning – Nice boots” MacDonald has… Well not this year Suzy. This year I will realize that not all that shimmers is gold, and I will be happy for what I have and stop being ungrateful.


Another pic from Suzy... Typical.

Another pic from Suzy… Typical.












2. I will drink less coffee!

I don’t even like it that much… it just makes me feel like a grown up…


3. I will stop playing Candy Crush and Two Dots

If drinking Coffee makes me feel like a grownup then being addicted to these games makes me feel like i’m taking 6 steps in the wrong direction. I feel like a baby watching Teletubbies…  I can’t look away and all the colours make me happy. So enough is enough. I’ll delete them, put my head up and stop staring at my phone… but for educational purposes I will keep playing Trivia Crack.



4. I will seriously cut down on my TarTar sauce consumption

Okay, I’m going to get serious for a second… like “come sit beside me, I have something to tell you” serious. I have a tartar sauce problem. I know it and the staff knows it. I hope you’re not laughing because this is serious. I sneak it. I will carry my lunch plate over top of my BOWL of tartar sauce so no one can see how much I’ve taken… then I will close the office door and eat my shame. The Justamere just makes the best sauce I’ve EVER tasted… so I cannot be held completely responsible for my actions, but this year I will work on my problem – after all, it may be green, but essentially I’m just eating a bowl of mayo every few days.


5. Realize that “everything can’t be perfect all the time”

I’m not perfect, and it’s too exhausting to try to be… I can’t beat level 430 in Candy Crush, I eat too much tartar sauce, not all my blogs are great, and my cats have a little too much control over my life… but the sooner I realize that that’s okay, the happier I’ll be.

The inspiration behind this last resolution came from Steven James Garvie… who dined with us in the summer, and realized that the Justamere isn’t perfect all the time either! He had an incident with a loose syrup top [watch the video below!]. While he could’ve yelled and cursed us he instead laughed it off and responded to our apologies with the wise words that “everything can’t be perfect all the time”! Certainly words to live by in 2015! Kudos to you Garvie!


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