The Justamere Cafe Waitstaff Appreciate Poem!

Not everyone can be a Justamere server,

I know this much is true…

It takes a certain kind of person

To do what they can do.

So bare with me a moment

While their talents I will list

Their expertise is extensive

And without them we don’t exist

Firstly is their hustle

They just go and go and go

Breakfast, lunch and dinner…

The hardest working staff I know

Second is their humor

They are funny and absurd

My hardest day can go away

With just a silly word

Next is their demeanor

An air of grace and poise

They have a special temperament

That everyone enjoys

Fourth comes their affection

For customers and crew

You’re sure to feel so special

If they are serving you

Now it’s time to talk patience

Of this they have no lack

A taxing patron may induce a scream

But still, they will hold back

Lastly are their smiles

Which everyone must confess

Are so real and make me feel

Like they always do their best

You can’t convince me otherwise

I just will not relent

Our Jmere servers are top notch

The best money I ever spent!


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  1. June Brosha
    June Brosha says:

    That was excellent Jillian,and so very true.It is always a pleasure to be served at Justamere.The best staff anywhere in Antigonish.


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