menu tasting - group

What an amazing sight indeed! A restaurant full of our closest family and friends – all there to support our efforts at creating a new menu…. either that or they were there for the free food. But for the sake of the story, lets assume that they were giving of their time freely for the cause! Not to mention, flattery will get you a long way, and we were in need of some of our most attractive fans and clientele to photograph! And jeeze, who knew we had so many attractive friends!

menu tasting - gang

It was a classy night, with classy folks, and Chef Mark Curry had a delicious menu in store for his family and friends. The premise of the evening was to have people sample new menu items while capturing some candid dining room shots!

Our models did not disappoint! 

menu tasting - paulacarrietyler

Our guests enjoyed a sampling of bisque, appetizers and entrees!

menu tasting - alliekateryan

Eileen and I were even able to serve the waitstaff for a change, so they could relax and enjoy the food and drinks that they so often serve to others! 

menu tasting - applauding

The highlight of the evening, besides the food of course, was when Mark came out and received a standing ovation from everyone in the dining room! Eileen and I got a little choked up, we were so proud! So needless to say, the menu tasting was a success and with the helpful comments from everyone who partook in the evening, the Justamere Cafe and Bistro will be coming out with some new and exciting menu items for the summer! 

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  1. Elaine
    Elaine says:

    It was a pleasure to be a part of it, what a great evening.. and AMAZING food, can’t wait for the new menu!!! Thanks for having us.


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