This isn’t the first time that the Justamere Café and Bistro has taken a stigmatized concept and turned it on it’s head (the stigma of the hotel restaurant), and you can bet your next roll up the rim that it won’t be the last time they do it either.

 I don’t know about you, but buffets bring to mind cold food, sneeze guards, and women with suspiciously large purses that conjure up images of buttery rolls tucked safely away for later. THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS, BARB.


However, like I said, once again the Jmere has taken a concept that some may consider tired and cooked new life into it.

This new weekly tradition kicked off three weeks ago, with an Indian buffet. There was immediate excitement from both sides as reservation requests rolled in and restaurant staff busily prepared food, music and drinks that fit the theme.


 The food was prepared and restocked fresh, and guests helped themselves to a spread of chickpea salad, garden salad & couscous salad, curry chicken, lamb skewers, fish Kerala, tandoori chicken, curry vegetables, rice, and house made naan bread.

 Our new Chef, Daniel Ortiz, was certainly flexing his culinary muscles that night and gave guests just a small taste of some of the excitement to come for the Justamere Café.

 Last week’s theme was Mexican, and while sombrero’s were briefly considered as essential wait staff wear, the idea was scrapped for efficiency sake – there were margarita’s and sangria to whisk off to laughing tables, and no time to keep our hats at a festive angle.


The spread was incredible – fresh guacamole, home made corn chips, meat chill, veggie Chili, Mexican vegetable soup, corn salad, jalapeño salad, garden salad, chicken tacos, beef tacos, beef burritos, and chicken burritos … But I’ve just got five words for you. All. You. Can. Eat. Quesadillas. How many times have you come to the Justamere and ordered a quesadilla and thought, “I could eat these things for hours”… well last Friday evening was your chance. How many quesadilla triangles are too many quesadilla triangles, you ask? Impossible to say – that’s a personal choice that you will not be judged for. You do you.


Tonight we continue our culinary tour around the globe, stopping in Italy! Come join us for all you can eat pasta salad, capresse salad, garden salad, pizza, pasta carbonara, lasagna, chicken Parmesan, risotto, assorted breads, and more!


And remember, just because it’s a buffet doesn’t mean our quality suffers – the Justamere believes in producing real and fresh food, and that’s not going to change! We’ve got our amazing kitchen staff behind those double doors keeping the food coming hot all evening long.

So call us at 902-735-3353 to reserve your table tonight. The buffet runs from 5 to 9pm. Bring your friends, bring your appetite, just don’t bring Barb.

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