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While some things matter, and some things don’t

We’ve found a matter on which we can gloat.

So forgive us this moment whilst we toot our own horn

But feats have been marked since the Justamere’s been born…

 That Saturday was the same as the others before

A busy restaurant to run while I managed the floor.

 But the excitement was hidden, not viewed with a look

For it was happening in our office, on the Jmere Facebook.

While we had set a goal many months before,

Reaching 1000 likes on facebook was all we asked for.

We didn’t use gimmicks, games or a scrumptious prize,

And while we may have grown slowly, our number did rise.

 As the number crept higher, our excitement did too

We were reaching a goal and then our wishes came true!

 That Saturday was the same as the others before

Except celebrations and high fives were what was in store.

 When word came through that we had reached our goal

Our pride grew three sizes and our hearts all felt whole.

 To the mountaintops we shouted: Hip! Hip! Hurray!!

We had accomplished one of many goals that day.

 And while the goal may seem tiny to you, my friend

A small moment of success can be an uplifting trend!

 One thousand people is a lot, more than I even know,

And you’ve all shown your love in helping us grow!

 Now on to bigger goals, but that was a good start….

You won’t all fit in our restaurant, but you fit in our heart!


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