Crowdis Bridge

Join us Saturday April 26th, 2014 for an evening of delectable cuisine and foot-stomping bluegrass & country blues featuring Cape Breton’s own Crowdis Bridge.

Weaving common threads of bluegrass, folk, old-time and country blues, Crowdis Bridge offers an atypical canvas of traditional sounding music that is both timeless and relevant.

This Cape Breton trio of multi-instrumentalists has been entertaining folks in small towns and strange places across the Maritimes since 2008. Interlaced with tasteful instrument breaks and thoughtful harmonies, they create a colourful palette of sound. Whether you are looking for foot-stomping, light-hearted songs or soul-searching melodies with lyrics that run deep, Crowdis Bridge strikes a sustaining chord that will resonate with any fan of fine music.

Enjoy a three course meal by the Justamere Café & Bistro in our wonderful laid back café dining room. Dinner includes a vegetarian spring roll with salad to start, Pork Tenderloin with a wild & domestic mushroom demi-cream sauce -or- Pan seared Haddock with a Lemon Basil cream sauce and a delicious homemade dessert with tea or coffee.

Vegetarian/Vegan/Special dietary requests are available on an individual basis.

Tickets my be purchased in person at the Justamere Café & Bistro. *Cancellations made before 6:00 pm April 25th will receive a full refund.*

Doors open @ 6:30pm
Dinner & Show @ 7pm – 10pm
Tickets are $60 all inclusive per person

Like a fine bottle of Appalachian Whiskey, Crowdis Bridge is smooth, complex, tasteful and good for all occasions. From foot-stomping, light-hearted songs to soul-seaarching melodies with lyrics that run deep, they produce a fine mash of folk, country-blues and bluegrass, pleasing both whiskey and music lovers alike.

“What Crowdis Bridge has is presence. And that presence comes from the talent that seeps and wafts from the stage to you, the listener… They manage to not only hold the crowd during the set – and man, do they – but they leave you wanting to hear them again…” The Light (newspaper), February 2013

Crowdis Bridge on CBC Music

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